"The dry climate of the Costa Del Sol
provides the Málaga Data Center
customers the best quality satellite
signals thanks to a noise free
environment. The fiber route from
satellite to hardware also reduces signal
loss and distortion."

Agustin Roldan

System Administrator


The variety of Málaga Data Center down-link satellite dishes coupled with our high speed fiber and IP network opens a wide range of commercial applications.

The dedicated cabling routes from satellite dishes back to your collocated server are very short (maximum about 20 meters) giving you less distortion. Combining our transmission solution with our data center offer will allow your company to setup your entire system in one place and have it backed up by the power availability and connectivity resiliency of our facility.

To hear more about the different commercial applications we might be able to offer your business, take contact with our commercial team.








Egyptian satellite with around 700 TV Channels uplinked from Cairo, Dubai, North Africa, Middle East and Gulf Region, 76% of the TV channels are free to air.

With three high-power satellites, forms one of the largest broadcasting systems in Europe, delivering 1100 TV channels, almost 500 Free to Air channels.

Eutelsat 16A is the leading broadcast position for Central and Eastern Europe, with extensive coverage of the CEE region, stretching across western Europe to reach expat communities.

Strategically placed at 7 degrees East, over the Gulf of Guinea, the EUTELSAT 7A satellite covers the whole of sub-Saharan Africa and provides direct connectivity to Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.

Astra 19.2°E is the name for the group of Astra communications satellites co-located at the 19.2°East orbital position in the Clarke Belt that are owned and operated by SES based in Betzdorf, Luxembourg.

Replacing Hispasat 1A and 1B for non-military uses / Alcatel Space / Atlas 2AS Centaur 30° west / 28 Ku band transponders / Europe, North Africa, America

Eutelsat 5 satellite features a Euro-Mediterranean superbeam coverage, a unique pan-Atlantic widebeam coverage encompassing the Americas, Africa and Europe, and a steerable antenna that can be pointed over any one of these regions, including the Middle East. Up to 150 TV channe ls.








Eutelsat 3B is a tri-band satellite with up to 51 transponders for markets in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, and South America.

EUTELSAT 21B offers significantly increased capacity (40 Ku-band transponders versus 29 on 21A) and improved power and coverage.

Astra 2E is the second of three 'second generation' satellites for the 28.2°E

One of the world’s top satellite operators and by far the leading satellite services provider in the Arab world, it carries over 500 TV channels.

Turksat 2A was designed for covering Europe, Turkey on west spot and Turkey and Central Asia including Middle East and Russia on east spot so as to serve simultaneously within that region, and to provide direct connection between Europe and Central Asia. 36 Ku band transponders.

The EUTELSAT 8 West B satellite was launched on August 20th 2015 to 8° West, joining satellites already operated at the adjacent 7° West position by Eutelsat and Egyptian satellite company, Nilesat.

The EUTELSAT 25.5 East.

Another Sattelite ask us

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