"Outsourcing server colocation is by far the
safest and most profitable option for IT
companies. It's flexible solution enabling
to closely monitor costs but also to adapt
quickly to bussiness's ups and downs."

Jesus Langa



At the Málaga Data Center, we are taking maximum precaution to safeguard your equipment in order to minimize the risks and maximize up-time (99.9% SLA) for your activities.

Every aspect of the architecture of our data center from power and cooling, to security, fire suppression and connectivity has been well designed to provide you with the best possible service. Our redundancy system includes an A+B power supply with an independent residual-current device per line, a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system, a generator with sufficient backup time, a backup cooling system and multiple redundant connections. Our raised flooring (60 cm) isolates the servers from the ground and increases their safety. Water detection units have also been installed throughout the server room to raise the alarm in case of flooding.

Our modular and scalable aisle rack system physically isolates the hot aisles (back of the servers) from the cold aisles (front of the servers) in order to increase energy efficiency intended for cooling your servers. This system enables more constant and stable temperatures in the upper parts of the racks, even under extreme temperature conditions. Each rack can be individually locked to increase the security of your data. Our precision cooling solution from Stulz ensures maximum availability and efficiency at minimum cost. It is highly reliable thanks to its built-in redundancy system and automatic alarm notification.

In the event of a power outage, our UPS system allows your servers to keep running for a short amount of time after what the emergency backup generator takes over. The backup generator is automatically activated when the power cut occurs and can run up to a little over a week (200h). The UPS system also provides protection again power surges, protecting your activities and hardware.

Our fire suppression system extinguishes fire mainly by heat absorption. In the event of a fire, the fire suppression system releases FE-13 gas into the server room within 10 seconds from the fire starting. This gas does not leave any residue after its release which makes its usage particularly adapted to data centers' fire protection. It is completely safe for humans contrarily to Halon gas commonly used in server rooms.

We offer fully lockable 42U (full rack), 21U (1/2 rack), 10U (1/4 rack) and 1U rack rental space for your servers and hardware. Customers contracting full racks get a 24/7 access to their rack. Racks are available with dual 10 amp power distribution units. Our server colocation service can freely be combined with the antenna/satellite dish colocation service or our transportation and connectivity offer. Whatever your needs, we are most likely to be able to accommodate! Contact us today and let us help your company to safeguard mission-critical data with the highest levels of security and operational reliability.

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